The profound and medically backed benefits of floatation is achieved through floating regularly. Our floating package is an excellent opportunity for you to commit, and reap floating's health and well-being advantages. In short, the more you float, the better and more effective it gets!


All prices are in HKD. Book up to 1 hour prior to your float.

每次漂浮式水療都能發揮其功效, 但若能持之以恆, 每星期/每兩星期/每月持續使用, 其效果會更長遠及顯著。所以我們誠意向您推介精選優惠, 讓您身心都能獲得最大裨益。 漂浮愈多, 效用愈大!


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You are about to disconnect from the weight of the world


Our packages are perfect to share with friends and family! You can float up to 90 minutes for each session.

HKD$150 extra for every half and hour.