FLOAX Wellness Club is a creative wellness project by FLOAX, aiming to provide our community an extensive diverse experiences to enrich our overall wellness for mind, body and soul. We hope to transform our space where you can find creativity with mindfulness in the hectic city life.

FLOAX Wellness Club是 FLOAX策劃的一個身心靈創意項目,旨在為我們的圈子提供多種多彩的體驗,豐富我們的身心靈健康。我們希望改造我們的空間,在這裡你可以發現更多繁忙生活中的正念和創意。

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June 06, 2020

喜馬拉雅頌缽振頻冥想|Singing Bowl Meditation: Heal Your Soul



June 13, 2020

痛症舒緩筋膜瑜珈工作坊 | Yoga Tune Up: Roll Your Pain Away



July 04, 2020

聲音振頻冥想 | Sound healing Meditiation: Bowls & Gong



August 01, 2020

症舒緩筋膜瑜珈工作坊 | Yoga Tune Up: Roll Your Pain Away



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We welcome private workshops/ collaboration with Cooperates/ Organisations. We can tailor made workshops for special needs. Contact us for more details if needed.



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