• FLOAX XTARS has ONE YEAR expiry period from earned day.

  • Redemption points can only be completed on site and cannot be done online. Any self-deducted points will be cancelled immediately and will not be refunded.

  • 積分  FLOAX XTARS 從賺取天起計有一年期限。

  • 兌換積分只能在現場完成,不可於網上進行。若有任何自行扣除積分情況均會被即時取消兼不獲退還。

Every HKD$10 spending at FLOAX will entitle you to 1 FLOAX XTAR. Accumulate 400 FLOAX XTARs or above to become our FLOAX PASS member, and start to redeem our reward items! Different membership class will redeem different types of rewards.


每消費10元港幣,即可獲贈 1 FLOAX XTAR。級別愈高,優惠愈多! 凡累積積分滿 400 FLOAX XTARs 以上,即可成為 FLOAX PASS會員,開始兌換獎賞! 不同會員級別將兌換到不同類型的獎賞。





Share the great benefits of floating and invite your friends to FLOAX, you will be rewarded with

60  FLOAX XTARS as soon as they make their first float! And they can enjoy the 1st Boarding Trial offer because of you!

FLOAX PASS members can even bring Premium 1st Boarding offer to your referred friends!


分享不僅是一種關懷,更能帶來快樂!分享漂浮水療的好處,並邀請您的朋友來 FLOAX體驗 第一次漂浮,你將獲得 60 FLOAX XTARs 獎勵。他們更可因為您的推薦而尊享初次登艙優惠!會員的推薦更可為您們的朋友帶來高級初次登艙優惠!

FLOAX PASS members can even bring Premium boarding offer to your referred friends!

FLOAX PASS會員的推薦更可為您們的朋友帶來高級初次登艙優惠!

  • Make sure your friend mention your name and mobile contact when they book or upon arrival.

  • Referral programme does not apply on Gift vouchers or package sharing.

  • 確保您的朋友在預約或抵達時提及您的姓名和聯絡電話作對認。

  • 推薦計劃不適用於贈禮券或套票分享。 

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* Please note all purchase of service and products are non-refundable

* 請注意,所有付款的服務和產品均不接受退款

- DO NOT ACCEPT following credit cards online 網上付款不接受以下信用卡: AMEX / DINERS CLUB -