呢個普天同慶嘅12月,有另一個重頭獎賞!好榮幸可以同ASIA MILES合作,而家大家可以用里數積分換FLOAX嘅60分鐘無重漂浮體驗啦!換完機票去旅行,再即刻換埋個漂浮體驗黎補返時差,就算飛幾遠玩都唔怕啦!仲有原來ASIA MILES個 "精選體驗" 有好多好正好特別嘅野揀架,有時D里數唔夠換機票,換去玩下體驗下都好啊!

This merry December, we are very excited to annouce our partnership with ASIA MILES! You can now redeem the relaxing 60 mins gravity escaper float with your mileages, so you can travel and float in one go, no worries about all the jet lags after crazy fun! Don't forget to check out their "Experiences" page as well, there are lots of other unique and fun experiences to pick! Redeem Now!…/gravity-escaper-60-minutes-fl…


Ready for your float?


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