Without light, without noise, and even without sensing your body, what will you be thinking of?

漂浮,是徹底消除外界的物理刺激,漂浮艙會將光線和聲音完全阻絕,你甚至感覺不到自己的身體 - 因為與體溫相同的瀉鹽溶液會將整個人撐起來。

身體就像没有邊界一樣融化了,重量感也隨之消失。身心均可進入一種深度的放鬆狀態,產生虛無或空白的意識。 Floating isolates the brain from getting all external stimuli, the pod will block out all light and sound, you may even lose the feeling of your body- as the Epsom salt solution in skin's temperature will fully support you, and makes you feels like your body is melted with the surrounding without boundaries, even your gravity weight disappears.

When your body and soul step into this deep relaxing state, a mind of emptiness and sense of nothing rules.

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